346 - Wangu
by Natacha ft Sheebah
297 - Gerageza
by Natacha
274 - Wale Wale
by Swagg Team +257
272 - Me wife
by Mt number one ft. Masterland
253 - Give Me Lavo
by Miss Erica

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Charlie Murphy Made His Own Name Thanks to Epic Prince & Rick James Stories on 'Chappelle's Show'
It's never easy to live in the shadow of your little brother -- especially if you choose the same profession as his and he happens to be one of the most lauded stand-up comedians in history, not to mention a superstar film actor. But Charlie Murphy -- who died at age 57 on Wednesday (April 12) following a battle with leukemia -- found a way to blaze his own path in comedy, one that was distinctly different from that of his brother, legendary comedian Eddie Murphy.